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Spectral Analysis Set

Spectral Analysis SetSpectral Analysis Set
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Spectrum Tubes and Power Supply Set

Comes complete with a power supply, 13 different spectrum tubes, 3 different diffraction gratings, and 1 quantitative spectroscope.

# 2154-1 Spectrum Tube Power Supply: This power supply provides safe and reliable operation for 1 spectrum tube. The unique design supplies a voltage that prolongs the life of the spectrum tubes. Specially designed sockets eliminate electrical shock hazards.

    Dimensions (HxWxD): 13.75 x 4.625 x 3.5 Inches
    Input Voltage: 120VAC, 60Hz
    Output Voltage (w/o Tube): 5000V
    Output Voltage (w/Tube): 1000V @ 10mA

Spectrum Tubes: To study Spectral Lines of Pure Elements / Gases. Gas under pressure in the tubes is used to produce a light for spectral analysis. Brightness of light depends on the nature of gas. Optimum intensity, line resolution and longer life. Metal ends with long life electrodes. About 26 cm long, with 90 -100 mm of central capillary. For intermittent use only, not to be used as a lamp source. These are designed to operate 30 seconds ON / 30 seconds OFF.

Contains 1 of each of the following Spectrum Tubes: Air, Argon, Carbon Dioxide, Helium, Hydrogen, Iodine Vapor, Krypton, Mercury, Neon, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Water Vapor, and Xenon.

# 1171-18 Spectroscope Quantitative: Reveal the hidden nature of color and visible light with this durably constructed, economical spectroscope. Begin investigating bright line spectra to unveil the atomic origin of light the instant you pick up this hand held spectroscope. Contrast the differences between gas discharge (fluorescent) and incandescent lights. Discover the workings of diffraction gratings and how they separate white light into its component colors. Measure the wavelengths of visible light from 4000 to 7000 Angstroms with the precision of +/- 50 Angstroms using the built in scale. Comes complete with a set of instructions that review the historical aspects of light theory, diffraction gratings, and provides suggestions for numerous experiments to help you unlock the world of visible light.

Diffraction Grating Slides: Linear 500 Line/mm, 1000 Line/mm, Double Axis 13,5000 Line/in: Our Holographic Diffraction Gratings are highly efficient embossed Holographic Optical Elements (H.O.E.). Diffraction Gratings are used for the direct viewing and analysis of spectra from different gas tubes and other light sources. The quality of the spectrum produced from our gratings is the brightest possible with a minimum of distracting visual noise. Our gratings are the principal component in a spectroscope and are used for experiments pertaining to the study of light and color. Project a spectrum using an overhead projector or 35mm slide projector for spectrum demonstration purposes. Use in conjunction with colored film gels for additive and subtractive color demonstrations. 2" X 2"

Measurements are approximate.

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