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Spectral Analysis Set Complete

Spectrum Tubes and Power Supply Set

Comes complete with a power supply, 13 different spectrum tubes, and 1 digital spectroscope.

# 2154-1 Spectrum Tube Power Supply: This power supply provides safe and reliable operation for 1 spectrum tube. The unique design supplies a voltage that prolongs the life of the spectrum tubes. Specially designed sockets eliminate electrical shock hazards.

    Dimensions (HxWxD): 13.75 x 4.625 x 3.5 Inches
    Input Voltage: 120VAC, 60Hz
    Output Voltage (w/o Tube): 5000V
    Output Voltage (w/Tube): 1000V @ 10mA

Spectrum Tubes: To study Spectral Lines of Pure Elements / Gases. Gas under pressure in the tubes is used to produce a light for spectral analysis. Brightness of light depends on the nature of gas. Optimum intensity, line resolution and longer life. Metal ends with long life electrodes. About 26 cm long, with 90 -100 mm of central capillary. For intermittent use only, not to be used as a lamp source. These are designed to operate 30 seconds ON / 30 seconds OFF.

Contains 1 of each of the following Spectrum Tubes: Air, Argon, Carbon Dioxide, Helium, Hydrogen, Iodine Vapor, Krypton, Mercury, Neon, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Water Vapor, and Xenon.

# 1171-25 Digital Spectroscope: Are you still teaching spectroscopy with tools from the last century? Throw away those rainbow glasses, sheets of diffraction foil, and yard sticks! Now you and your students can view live spectra on a PC. You can easily demonstrate gas-tube spectra on an overhead monitor. Or, do hands-on activities with your labís computers. With our turn-key system, you get everything you need. Simply plug our tripod-mounted spectroscope into your computerís USB port, switch on your gas tube, and immediately explore different spectra. Clearly see the emission lines of Hydrogen, Helium, Neon, etc. Compare spectra of different elements. The systemís live, color video of the gas tube spectrum helps keep students engaged. And youíll have a tool to help them easily understand key concepts.

The digital spectroscope camera is simple to setup and easy to use. Position it on your lab table one or two meters from your light source. Thereís no fine-tuning or adjustment necessary. The internal video camera auto-focuses and adjusts for your current light conditions. The system works with any Windows computer (XP or more recent). Our software displays colorful spectra and their intensity graphs in real time. Designed for educators as well as researchers, the software is both easy to use and fully customizable for your needs. Finally, thereís a tool to help you effectively teach gas tube and flame spectrum concepts to your physics and chemistry students!

Supplied complete with Tri-pod and USB Cable.

    Camera Dimensions: 3.25 Inch (85mm) x 1 Inch (25mm) x 1.6 Inch (41mm)

    Camera USB Cable: 60 Inch (152cm) in Length

The spectroscope camera is sold/supplied in a sealed bag. We do not accept any returns, for any reason, if the seal is broken. The spectroscope camera can only be exchanged if there is any manufacturer defect. Manufacturer defect must be reported within 7 DAYS of receiving merchandise. Our general terms and conditions also apply to this product.

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