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Odontology (Bite out of Crime)

Odontology (Bite out of Crime)

Target Grade: 9-12

One of the ways in which modern forensic science can positively identify an individual is through dental records, since teeth not only differ in detail from person to person, the same as fingerprints differ, but they last longer than other physical elements after death. The changes are so small in the dental records as the subject ages that records compiled years earlier will still be sufficiently accurate to provide positive identification.

Experiments which can be performed:

    Part 1 Developing your Dental Skills
    Experiment 1 ---- Making Patient Dental Chart
    Experiment 2 ---- Identifying a Body with Dental Charts
    Experiment 3 ---- Casting Teeth

    Part 2 One Bite Out of Crime
    Experiment 4 ---- Evidence Analysis of Bite Mark Injury
    Experiment 5 ---- Collecting Evidence (Bite Marks in Wax Molds)
    Experiment 6 ---- Identifying Suspect from Bite Marks
    Experiment 7 ---- Identifying Suspect (Matching Teeth Cast to Wax Bite Planes)

Kit Contains:

  • Instructor Manual
  • Assessment Manual
  • Experiment #1, Student Data Sheet (SDS) Patient Chart, Dentist Worksheet (SDS)
  • Experiment #1, Student Data Sheet, Assistants Worksheet
  • Tooth Development Diagram SDS, Figure 1
  • Tooth Eruption at 5 Years SDS, Figure 2
  • Instructor's Master File
  • Latex Gloves
  • Magic Marker
  • Experiment #2, Identifying a Body with Dental Charts
  • Experiment #3, SDS, Working Teeth Model
  • Teeth Bite Tray (Small & Medium)
  • AlginateTM Mold material
  • Plaster Paris
  • Tongue Depressor (Used for Stirring & Inspection)
  • 12 oz Plastic Cup
  • 3.5 oz Plastic Measuring cups
  • 2 oz Plastic Measuring cups
  • Zip lock Bags
  • Experiment #4, SDS, Metric Analysis of Bite Mark
  • 6 Inch Metric Rulers
  • Experiment #5, SDS, Making Bite Mark Evidence In Wax
  • Wax Bite Plates
  • Experiment # 6, SDS, Identifying bite Marks in Wax
  • Experiment # 7, SDS, Identifying Suspect by Matching Teeth Cast to Wax Bite Plane

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