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Deluxe Free Fall Apparatus with Pendulum with Digital Timer

Deluxe Free Fall Apparatus with Pendulum with Digital Timer

  • An essential piece of equipment in basic dynamics studies.
  • Can be used for qualitative and quantitative study of free falling bodies for demonstration experiments (acceleration due to gravity.)
  • Unit is mainly made of an aluminum alloy; equipped with a scale.
  • Consist of an electromagnetic device that holds the ball in place, a digital timer to record all statistics of the experiment, 3 moveable photogates (photo sensors) in the middle part of the frame, and a receiving net, which is fixed on the cast-iron base and tripod at the lower end of the vertical rod.
  • Basic Concept: A steel ball is held in place with and electromagnet. The timer is equipped with a button to release the power holding the ball, allowing the free fall motion. Acceleration of the free fall motion of the steel ball is captured by 3 moveable photogates & recorded by the timer.
  • The three photogates on the vertical rod can be freely moved to any position and can be easily read against the bright yellow scale
  • The vertical rod is fixed on a solid tripod base and can be easily adjusted to true vertical by means of the leveling bolts on the tripod base and the included plumbline
  • Overall height of instrument: 5.25 ft (1.6m)
  • Overall height of experiment: 4.9 ft (1.5m)
  • Power of electromagnet: 6 volt
  • Diameter of steel ball: 18mm
  • Relative errors on measuring g: (the acceleration of free fall) 2%
  • Complete set includes Free Fall apparatus and accessories, digital timer, electromagnetic device, 3 photogates, 18mm steel ball, plumbline, pendulum, all cables and plugs, and instructions.

Digital Timer

  • Designed specifically for the Deluxe Free Fall Apparatus for studying free-falling motion, uniform variable motion, & the period of a simple pendulum in Physics.
  • Displays 3 individual times of a small ball with free-falling body motion (with the 3 photogates included)
  • Displays 3 individual interval times of the free-falling steel balls (for measuring g with 2 photogates)
  • Displays 3 individual times of light blocking
  • Measures the period of a simple pendulum (the isochronism of a simple pendulum can be validated)
  • Highly accurate and reliable, this unit records in milliseconds (ms) and can store up to 17 events.

Deluxe Free Fall Apparatus sold separately, product # 638-21. Also Digital Timer sold separately, product # 638-20.

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