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Agar Accessories Kit

Agar Accessories KitAgar Accessories Kit
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Agar Accessories Kit

Agar accessories Kit. Consists of Metal Inoculating Loop 1, Plastic Inoculating Loop 2, T-Shape Cell Spreader 1 and Sterile Cotton Swabs 2.

Inoculating Loop With Handle

Consists of a 3" long, 25 gauge nichrome wire with a loop at one end and the other end mounted in an 8" long aluminum handle.

Innoculating Loop Plastic 10µl pk 2

Ultra smooth loop surfaces allows easy streaking. No rough plastic edges, flashing or burrs on the loop head means smooth, problem free planting and streaking of cultures. Loops do not cut or gouge the agar surface during streaking.

Free of lubricants, oils and electrostatic charges enabling consistent wetting and complete liquid transfer. Eliminating these factors allows consistent wetting of the plastic, allowing the correct surface tension on the inside walls of the loop. Correct size droplet is formed and complete transfer of this volume takes place without leaving behind any beads of liquid.

Hexagonal loop shaft improves grip, assists orientation and makes diluting and streaking easy. When viewed in cross section, the shafts of the Copan loops have an hexagonal shape creating a handle with six flat surfaces. This design facilitates maximum grip and easy orientation of the loop head. When planting and streaking cultures for isolated colonies, the hexagonal handle allows the microbiologist to quickly and easily rotate the loop head from one flat side to another or from flat side to the edge of the loop. This easy action means diluting streaks for isolated colonies can be performed very quickly and smoothly. The hexagonal loop shaft helps the microbiologist index the first streak then rotate the loop head to achieve the second, third and fourth dilution streaks.

Zip-lock closure reseals the pack, between use to avoid contamination. The re-sealable bag allows the user to open and close the loop pack to remove individual loops. This feature prevents the risk of product contamination between use.

Loop accuracy certified using Evans Blue Dye Method The Volume Delivery Consistency of each production lot of loops is quality controlled and certified using the Evans Blue Dye Method cited in various publications by the American Society for Microbiology.1,2 This method measures the actual volume of liquid transferred by a loop.

T - Shaped Plastic Cell Spreader

The Sterile T-Shaped Spreaders are designed for spreading and dispersing liquids across the surface of agar culture plates. Spreaders are used for performing bacterial CFU plate counts on water, milk, urine and other liquid samples. These T-Shaped Spreaders have all smooth rounded surfaces to prevent any cutting or gouging of agar during inoculation of culture plates. The T-Shape design means that even pressure is applied across the entire length of the T-bar in contact with the agar surface.

Cotton Swabs Sterile pk 2.
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